All the Response Joe Romm Is Going To Get From Me

September 9th, 2013
By Naomi Klein

Dear Joe,

Congratulations on your hasty and unnecessary hatchet job on a book I haven’t even finished yet, based on an edited interview about one-tenth of its content. A book of which you haven’t read a single word.

Disagree with the interview I gave, fine. But to assume you know what evidence is in the book and can therefore dismiss it outright is a new twist on old-school arrogance. Impressive.

Nice work as well on telling people not to see a film that is also far from finished, based on material that is not even planned to be in the documentary at all. (Feel free to call me next time you’d like to check a fact.)

Let’s hope your next work is not subjected to such extreme prejudice.

Joe, we clearly have some disagreements — as well as huge common ground. But if anyone is guilty of taking a sledge hammer to an ally here, I suggest you take a quick glance at what’s in your (bloody) hand.

Once the book is done, I’ll have lots more time to debate the various points in your post. But for now, I’ve got a book to finish. I realize this is a disappointment and that you are spoiling for a fight with me ASAP, but look on the bright side — when the book comes out, you won’t have to write a review. You can just link to yourself.



p.s BTW, you do know I didn’t write the headline, right? Just checking, cuz you seem to know so much.

p.p.s. I could have forgiven a lot, but lumping me in with Lomborg? That one is going to haunt you buddy.